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TSCouture models the "Kentucky Derby"

Words from the designer:


A special "thank you" to each of you that trusts TSCouture with your fabulousness!  With each custom item designed specifically for you, you'll be sure to love every second of your TSCouture moment!  Stay sweet & TSCoutured!

ATTN: We DO NOT issue refunds on any of our custom items!! PLEASE make sure that when you order, you allow cushion for your garment to arrive at least two weeks BEFORE the date of your event. We trust that you are sending accurate measurements, but if not, this time frame allows time for alterations (IF needed) to make your garment perfect. Our turnaround time is 10-15 business days with two day shipping. Express shipping is 5-7 business days with an additional $75 added with the cost of your garment. 

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